Mangal Dosh

Those who have Mangal Dosh in their horoscope, they and their family are often upset. Due to this defect many kinds of problems come in life. In such a situation, it is necessary to do Mangal Yog Nivran Puja.  There are many misconceptions among the people regarding the Mangal Dosh of life. This is the reason that people often start taking reverse measures to correct this defect, due to which the problems multiply rather than decrease. You also get more detail about Mangal Dosh on our site panditg.in and get best solution of this problem with us.
Let us know what is the Mangal Dosh of the horoscope and its remedies:

What is Mangal Dosh?

- Even in Mangal Dosh, the defect of lagna and eighth house is more serious.
- Mars is a cruel planet, so its effect on marriage only increases problems.
- Caution should be taken in case of marriage due to Mangal Dosh.
- If Mangal Dosh is in the horoscope of one of the bride and groom, then the coordination with the other gets spoiled. 

  What are the beliefs of Mangal Dosh?

- In marital life, if one person is mangled and the other is not there, then the death of the other can occur.
- Violence may occur between husband and wife.
- If one of the husband and wife is Mangli, the other partner is always ill.
- Due to Mangal Dosh, a person may have to face surgery and accidents.
- Mangal Dosh gives big problems; it destroys a person's life.

What remedies are told for Mangal Dosh and how right they are ?

- Mangli person is married to a pitcher, tree or idol.
- This is not fair at all and it does not have any benefit.
- Mangli is usually worn as coral.
- While coral does not provide benefits in every situation, it can also cause terrible losses.
- Whereas if Mars results in auspicious results then problems in life increase.

Do the right remedy for Mangal Dosh

 According to the kind of problem you are giving in Mars horoscope, solve it accordingly. Because in every case, Mars does not spoil married life. In case of Mangal Dosh, the most attention should be taken in nature. Eating hot and fresh food makes weak Mars strong. It also helps in digestion and mood.

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